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[NEW] I have purchased a redeemable code for the CloudBounce desktop app from a reseller. What is the process to use this code?

Depending on the type of product you have purchased - e.g. Monthly, 3 Month, Annual, Lifetime or Lifetime Mini Plan from one of our product resellers (e.g. Plugin Boutique, ADSR, Waproduction, Appsumo, Audio Plugin Deals etc.);

The Monthly plan: To enjoy a full month of service, you will have up to the 1st March 2025 to redeem and use your code.
The 3 Month plan: To enjoy the plan fully, you will have up to 1st January 2025 to redeem and use your code.
The Annual Plan: If you haven’t yet redeemed your code, we’d recommend you to do it as soon as possible to maximise the usage of your paid plan. The code will automatically expire at the latest on 1st April 2025, not depending when it was redeemed.
The Lifetime/Lifetime Mini: You will have until 1st April 2025 to freely use your mastering plan within the CloudBounce desktop app on your Mac or Windows computer.

Disclaimer: any purchased codes not redeemed will not be refundable. CloudBounce will not provide any updates to the desktop app versions nor any of its services during this time.

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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