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[NEW] How long can I access my mastered files at cloud storage?

All mastered tracks reside under the “My Tracks” section on your Web CloudBounce account. You’ll need an active subscription to be able to download tracks, so please download all tracks into your personal storage during the lifetime of your subscription, otherwise access will be lost permanently.

If your plan has been already cancelled, but you still have access to it during the rest of the paid billing period, downloading works normally. Be mindful that the absolute latest time to download will be before 1st April, 2025 after which the files will be destroyed. Please note that some of your tracks might be “Archived”. In this case, please allow up to 12 hours to be able to download them after clicking the “Retrieve” button.

If you have mastered using Pay-As-You-Go single track mastering, you have your 7 day downloading window as usual. However, this time window will also end 1st April, 2025, not depending when you initiated the mastering process.

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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