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What are the Mastering Options?

In addition to the ‘Genre Reference’ settings and the Amount control, you can further modify the sound quality using the ‘Mastering Options’. The combination of both the selected Genre Reference and the applied Mastering Options will form the final sound characteristics for your master. All changes you make within the app are instant, no need to edit or wait for them to take effect.

NEW feature (current version 1.0.4.):
We have applied all the current Web mastering genre processing options to the desktop app as well. You can find them under the "Reference button" > "Original CloudBounce subfolder". Enjoy the great sound you know and love from the Website No need to queue and wait for the masters to edit and process anymore. Tweak until your heart's content and export your Professional level masters with the correct loudness level to suit any needs together with the lightning fast processing.

Download and install the latest app version from (please login first).

Team CloudBounce

Updated on: 11/03/2022

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