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Refund Policy

The user of the service has the right to use the mastering service from CloudBounce, according to the chosen service plan, either Pay-As-You-Go (Web mastering only) or a Subscription. 

In addition, the user has the right to cancel the monthly or annual subscription when he or she chooses to. The billing cycle will be disrupted upon cancellation of the service during the target month. 

A cancelled plan will run fully functional until the end of the billing period.

All payments to CloudBounce are non-refundable, and no refunds or credits will be made for incomplete use of a service pricing plan or a monthly or annual subscription.

All users have full responsibility on managing their personal subscriptions. If a user would like to un-subscribe and prevent the subscription from renewing automatically, it should be done before the next renewal date. If a user does not un-subscribe within this time period, the plan will automatically be renewed. CloudBounce cannot take responsibility and issue a refund when a user has not un-subscribed within the given time period prior to renewal.

Incomplete use of the service (e.g. "I have not used CloudBounce for 2 months" OR "I have not authorized the plan renewal") will not be considered as a reason for a refund.

Note: If you cancel your active subscription plan, you acknowledge that you will lose access to your mastered tracks inside the CloudBounce dashboard. So if you do end up cancelling, please make sure to download all of your masters before un-subscribing.

Updated on: 29/01/2021

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